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Donnie Wanner is a self-taught artist, who first became interested in the “art of metal” while working for a neo-classic custom automobile manufacturer just after High School. Along the journey through a variety of environments, Donnie has refined the medium of metal to another level. By masterful application of marble patinas, brilliant colors from intense heat, burnished surfaces, all give the work movement, life, and vibrancy. He continually trains in a broad array of metalworking under-schooled masters so he can bring a steady freshness to his work.


Inspired by nature and the wildlife that surrounds him in his home in the Pacific NW, Donnie Wanner has been creating metal sculptures for over 35 years and has his works of art in over 25 countries around the world.


Each sculpture is signed and numbered and comes w/certificate of authenticity. His pieces are considered collectible and will hold their value for generations to come.



My service to you as an artist is to bring metal to life that stimulates pleasure and enjoyment from owning and looking at the sculptures. I’ve been able to create an unmistakably three-dimensional feel to an art form previously believed to be depth restrictive. My artwork can be enjoyed from many different angles taking on some of the same characteristics of great wall portraits whose eyes tend to follow the viewer around the room.


My greatest joy is watching people draw memories of relationships, hunting trips, or experiences that have molded and changed their lives. Collectors being able to relive such moments through one of my creations is a thrill that continues to feed me. The purity and integrity of each piece is another thing I take great pride. Though I do editions of scenes, each one has its own fingerprint of originality. These one-of-a-kind limited editions, add value and collectability to the discerning art investor.


Waterfalls are of a particular interest and are one of my favorite subjects. These images ignite the senses, enable one to walk into the scene with all its apparent sights and smells from their own memories. One can imagine the mist, the sounds that came through the forest, the natural colors through the metal processes and all of the reflections that are part of the chrome accents.

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